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All of our high-quality, orthopedic bracing products are made right here in the US in our O&P central fab with over 20 years of experience. We will never sacrifice quality for profit and you can always depend on us for all of your bracing needs.

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Carbon Fiber AFOs & KAFO'S

All of our carbon fiber AFOs are structurally reinforced in high-stress areas to allow for greater weight limits. Our dynamic footplates and struts store and release energy assisting the patient through the entire gait cycle. We offer a wide range of models, all of which are PDAC approved. We will work with you to find the right solution for your patient and your business

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Ez Stride Spiral 1951 AFO

EZ Stride Spiral AFO


EZ Stride TTR Anterior AFO

EZ Stride APO Anterior AFO

EZ Stride ATB Anterior AFO


EZ Stride Posterior AFO

Ez Stride Modular Posterior AFO

EZ Stride Modular Anterior AFO

EZ Stride PLS Posterior AFO


EZ Stride MPB Posterior AFO

EZ Stride Doris-Assist AFO

Schwartz Out-of-Shoe AFO

EZ Stride Prefab KAFO

EZ Ankle Lock System (ALS)

EZ Valgus/Varus Strap

EZ Stride Carbon Foot Orthotic

EZ Stride Custom

Pre-fab & Custom Spinal

At Thrive Orthopedics, we do a lot more than just carbon fiber AFO's and KAFO's. Our custom spinal offerings and expertise are second to none. Whether you're looking for TLSO's, LSO's, soft corsets, or scoliosis braces, we have the products and know-how to meet your needs. We vow to go above and beyond to provide you and your patients best in class quality at affordable prices. 

Top Selling Products (click to view)

TLSO/LSO Anterior Overlap

TLSO/LSO Anterior Opening

TLSO/LSO 70-30

TLSO/LSO External Frame Ortholite

TLSO/LSO Lateral Smooth Overlap

TLSO/LSO Bi-Valve Smooth Overlap

TLSO/LSO Lateral Step Overlap

TLSO/LSO Internal Frame Ortholite

TLSO/LSO Kydex Stays Ortholite

TLSO/LSO Hip Spika

TLSO/LSO Somi Attachment

TLSO/LSO Minerva Attachment


 LSO/Soft Corset Chairback

The Equinus Brace

The Equinus Brace™ was designed to effectively treat a wide range of foot and ankle pathologies related to equinus deformity. The most common uses include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Most physicians recommend using the Equinus Brace™ for one hour per day during the 45 - 90-day treatment regimen. 

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