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When it comes to carbon fiber, no one does it better than Spinal Solutions! With over 20 years of experience, Spinal Solutions O&P lab operates 24/7/365 to deliver the highest quality products at the best prices. Specializing in carbon fiber AFO's and KAFO's, all products are made right here in the US in Conyers, Georgia!

Why should you choose Spinal Solutions? Because I have built my company around people. Good people that care about about their work, about the practitioner, and especially about the patient. We go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is 100% satisfied. In fact, we won’t rest until that happens.
— Mark Dentler - Owner


IQ Medical was founded in 2011 to fulfill the need for a non-surgical, reproducible treatment of equinus deformity. Studies show that equinus is related with up 96.5% of all orthopedic foot and ankle pathologies. One study shows that 83% of acute plantar fasciitis patients also have equinus.

Definition: Equinus deformity is when dorsiflexion (toes to shin) of the ankle is limited, the term equinus is used to describe tightness in the calf and Achilles tendon. Equinus can contribute to a number of foot and ankle deformities and limit healing following injuries of the foot and ankle.

Often times, a particular component of the calf muscle is the culprit. This part of the calf muscle, known as the gastrocnemius, originates above the knee and extends into the heel. Because the "gastroc" starts above the knee, the leg must be completely straight to stretch this muscle.

The Equinus Brace is the only product that extends above the knee while providing measurable dorsiflexion settings and positioning the foot in the correct position for an optimal stretch. The status quo before The Equinus Brace was a "night splint." The problem with this treatment is that if an adult sleeps on their side (around 74% of the population) with his or her knee bent, then there is zero benefit to the gastroc muscle.

In addition to providing the correct positioning for an optimal stretch, the Equinus Brace is typically only recommended for 1 hour per day vs. all night (night splint) resulting in better patient compliance improved outcomes. The product is covered by medicare and most private insurance carriers.

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