EZ Stride ATB Anterior AFO



  • Model:  "EZATB" (Carbon Fiber Ankle Foot Orthotic)
  • Product Code:  EZATB - "Size" - Right or Left (insert size XSL, XSR, SL, SR, ML, MR, LL, LR)
  • Best choice for patients who pronate (valgus or eversion)
  • Available as a medial strut (used for patients who supinate/varus/inversion)
  • Weight Limit:  275 lbs.
  • Dynamic footplate and strut store and release energy assisting patient through gait cycle
  • Lateral Strut spirals to anterior aspect
  • One piece...continuous strand design
  • Super flexible tibia band accommodates a wide range of circumferences
  • Structurally reinforced in high stress areas
  • Right or left orientation
  • CPC L1932
  • Sizing Chart
  • Fitting Protocol
  • Patient Instructions